State Officer Visits Buddy School!

Early College High School (DSU) participated in a presentation facilitated by their Buddy School State Secretary, Grace Yeung (Dover High School) today.  The SOLT entered thdsc08428is year passionate and determined to bring Delaware BPA to the next level.  One leadership initiative is a keen focus on enhancing the chain of communication throughout the state. Grace has certainly been doing her share. Today’s presentation focused on what it takes to become a state officer; how to best prepare for the SLC and state testing day, establishing a Torch Award resume and utilizing the related APP, pursuing special recognition awards; i.e., Student of the Year and nomination of Advisor of the Year; and she entertained the many insightful questions posed b20161202_091658y ECHS BPA members.


dsc07671-1-grace-at-a-waters-ms dsc07669-2-grace-11-17-16

SOLT Secretary, Grace Yeung, received an enthusiastic and warm welcome at the Thursday, November 17th meeting of the Alfred G. Waters M. S. BPA Chapter.  Grace shared the 2016-17 BPA program agenda, discussed her experiences as a member of the Student Officer Leadership Team (SOLT), elaborating on the roles and responsibilities of each officer, and encouraged student participation in the SOFAD program. Members of the chapter and their advisor,

Mrs. L. Prickett are pictured above with Grace.

Has your chapter invited your Buddy School Officer to attend and present at your meeting?  If not,  hurry, do so now because the SLC will be convening all too soon.



The Career and Technical Education Department hosted the

2016 Fall Leadership Conference

for its Career and Technical Student Organizations on November 1 & 2, 2016 at

Delaware State University.


BPA Delaware Logo fcclahosaskills-usatsa

The conference presented an opportunity to promote career excellence, leadership and citizenship among and between these organizations.
















Hello Delaware BPA Members!

The 2016 Fall Leadership Conference is behind us and if you were not in attendance, you missed some very valuable information, as well as some stimulating and informative breakout sessions.  We would like you to direct your attention to the pending deadline dates leading up to the State Leadership Conference.  The holidays are rapidly approaching and just beyond is the SLC registration and special event deadlines.  Check out some fo the some of the upcoming due dates for various activities and applications here and continually review the SLC and Resources pages for potential updates.

SLC Registration opens  – December 1, 2016

State Torch Award Due Date– January 30, 2017

New this YearStudent of the Year Award – nominations must be submitted by January 17, 2017.

Middle Level

Secondary Level

If you have any questions about due dates, the State Leadership Conference, or State Officer Candidate questions, don’t hesitate to send an email to one of your State Officers!


MAY 10 – 14, 2017




From May 10 – 14, 2017, Spread Your Wings! Make plans to join Business Professionals of America at the 2017 National Leadership Conference. Thousands of students from across the country will gather to compete, showcase their business skills and develop their leadership acumen in Orlando. FL. The National Leadership Conference is the culmination of the BPA year filled with hard work and dedication put into competitions, Torch Awards, leadership development, service and more!

The National Leadership Conference will offer four exciting days of competitions, leadership development, workshops, National Officer elections, fantastic tours and much more. Whether it’s through competitions, running for national office, attending the National Leadership Academy, being an NLC Intern, receiving an award or participating in elections, there are a number of ways to qualify for the 2017 National Leadership Conference and immerse yourself in the total Orlando Disney Experience.


Thank you to all of our BPA members and advisors who attended the CTSO 2016 Fall Conference. The day was filled with nothing but fun and memorable moments, as you all engaged in various teamwork activities and enhanced your leadership skills. We hope that you will take what you have learned as a participant and relay the importance of working together as a team to your local chapters. Your attendance at this year’s conference was a demonstration of your enthusiasm for Business Professionals of America.

We wish to extend a sincere expression of gratitude to the partners who joined us to share their wealth of experience and knowledge through their expert presentations:

Michael Feldman, Smyrna School District on Leadership Development

Dianna Frank, The College Board on PSAT/SAT Prep

Julie Frieswyk, UDE on Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Lori Hayes, Howard High School of Tech on Leadership Development

Diane Heydt, Primerica on Financial Development

Boskey Kamboj, DOE on Project Management

Candace Kinard, Stand By Me on Financial Aid

Alison May, DOE on Build Your Brand

Linda Sullivan, DOE on Leadership Development

Ashley Sylvester, Cheap College Chick on Developing Your Scholarship Roadmap and last but not least,

our Keynote Presenter,

Latrell Armstrong, FOCUS Training “Cyber Attack/Networking Like a Pro and Market Madness”

Special Recognition and Thank you to Corinne Stayton, DOE, Secretary

Lisa Wilson, DOE, Education Associate & State Advisor BPA & DECA

Lisa Stoner-Torbert, DOE, Education Associate, Policy Advisor

and Dr. Steven H. Godowsky, Secretary of Education